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[sig. Liiiiv]

A short Epistle written in the behalfe of N.B. to M.H. +

D Eare Lady deckt with cumlynesse, To counteruayle my clemency: Bee prest, I pray, in readynesse, To yeeld your courteous curtesie.
(5) Let mee you finde Penelope, In minde, and loyall hart: So shall I, your Vlisses bee, Till breathing lyfe depart.
Yelde loue for loue, to him who lykes, (10) To liue in lynckes of loyalty: And graunt him grace, who nothing seekes, For his good will, but curtesy.
Let mee your bondmen, fauour finde, To gratefie: my willing harte: (15) Whom no attempt, to please your minde, Shall hynder mee, to play my parte.
Permit mee not, in lingring sorte, To labour in a barrayn soyle: Ne giue occasion to reporte, (20) How loytryng loue, reapes troubled toyle.
But let mee say, my hart obtaynd, The gloze, which pleasd my glauncing eyes: And that I haue for guerdon gaynd, The best that in my Lady lyes.
(25) So shall I boast of that, which best Doth please the prime of my desire: And glory in a gayned rest, Which through your fauour I aspire.