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A Maze of Maydens. +

W Ho goes to gaze of euery gallant girle, And castes his eyes at euery glauncing gloze: Whose masking minde, with euery motion moou’d, In fine shall finde, his fancy fraught with woes.
(5) For pleasure spent, is but a wishing vayne, By crooked chaunce, depriude of braue delight: Cut of by care, a heape of hurtfull harmes, Our gaze vngaynd, which whilome pleasde our sight.
Our baunts doo vade, our pleasures passe away, (10) Our sugerest sweetes reapes sorowing sobs in fine: Our braggest boast, of beauties brauest blaze, To forowed browes, doth at the length resigne.
Our foolish fancy filde, with filthy vice, Pursues his hurt, vnto anothers harmes: (15) A houering hart, with euery gloze enticed, gaynes lothsome loue, whence nought but sorow swarmes.
Leaue then to gaze, of euery glauncing gloze, Contemne the sleights, of beauties sugerest bate: Whose outward sheath, with colours braue imbost, (20) Shuns + cruell craft, and enuious hurtfull hate.