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[sig. Kiiv]

And so ere since I liu’d in hope bemixt with dreadful feare, (70) My smeared face through endles teares, vnpleasant doth appeare: My slepes vnsound with vgly dreams, my meats are vayn of taste My gorgious rayment is dispisde, my tresses rudly plaste. And to bee breefe: I bouldly speake, there doth remayne no care: But that therof in amplest wise, I doo possesse a share: (75) Lyke as the tender sprig doth bend, with euery blast of winde, Or as the guidelesse Ship on Seas, no certaine Porte may finde. So I now subiecte vnto hope, now thrall to carefull dread, Amids the Rocks, tween hope and feare, as fancy mooues, am led: Alas returne, my deare returne, returne and take thy rest, (80) God graunt my wordes may haue the force, to penytrat thy brest. What doost thou thinke in Italy, some great exployt to win? No, no, it is not Italy, as sometimes it hath bin: +Or doost thou loue to gad abroad, the forrain costes to vew, If so, thou hadst not doone amisse, to bid mee first adew: (85) But what hath bin the cause, I neede not descant longe, For sure I am, meane while poore wench, I only suffer wrong. Wel thus I leaue, yet more could say: but least thou shouldst refuse, Through tediousnesse to reede my lines, the rest I will excuse: Untill such time as mighty Ioue doth send such luckye grace, (90) As wee therof in freendly wise, may reason face to face. Till then farwell, and hee thee keepe, who only knowes my smart And with this bill I send to thee, a trusty Louers harte.

By mee, to thee, not mine, but thine, Since Loue doth moue the same, (95) Thy mate, though late, doth wright, her plight, Thou well, canst tell, her name.