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An other louing Letter. +

B Ecause my hart is not mine owne, but resteth now with thee, I greet thee well of hartinesse, thy selfe mayst Caruer bee: Muse not hereat but like hereof, first read and then excuse, I wish to you a plyant hart, when you these lines peruse. (5) Hope bids me speak, fear stayes my tongue, but Cupid makes mee ||(boulde, And Fancy harps of good successe, when that my playnt is tould: Thus Hope doth prick, & feare doth kicke, & fancy feeds my brayn, In you alone doth now consist, the salue to ease my payne. You are my Paradice of ioy, the heauen of my delight, (10) And therwithall (which thing is strang) the worker of my spight: Which spight I seeke not to reuenge, but meekely to subdue, Not as a foe, but as a freend, I do your loue pursue. I yeeld my selfe vnto your power, and will not you relente? In humble wise I mercy craue, and is your mercy spente? (15) No sure, as nature outwardly, hath shewde in you her skill, I doubt not but that inwardly, the like shee doth fulfill. So good a face, so trim a grace, as doth in you remayne: A Cressids cruell stony harte, I know may not retayne: Wherfore to ratefie my wordes, let deedes apparant bee: (20) Then may you vaunt and proue it true, you freedom gaue to mee. Consider of my restles care, and way blinde Cupids ire: Then shal you finde my paynful loue, doth claym but earned hire. Requite not this my curtesy, and freendship with disdaine, But as I loue vnfainedly, so yeeld like loue againe. (25) Allow hereof as for the rest, that doth belong to loue: My selfe therof will take the care, as time, in time shall proue. Meane while, I wish a Thisbies hart, in you there may endure: Then doubt not, but a Pyramus, of mee you shall procure.

Yours at your will, (30) To saue or spill.