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¶A Letter sent from beyond the Seaes to his Louer, perswading
her to continew her loue towardes him. +

T O thee I write whose life and death, thy faith may saue or spil: Which fayth obserue, I liue in ioy, if not, your freend you kill: Suspecte not that I doo misdoubt, your loyalty at all: But ponder how that louers are, vnto suspicion thrall. (5) Which thraldome breedeth furth thrall, if woonted fayth doo fayle: Agaynst the Louer thus forlorne, do thousand Cares preuayle: It litle helpes to haue begun, and there to set a stay, They win more fame, that fight it out: then those that run away. Like as the willing hound that doth, pursue the Deare in Chace: (10) Will not omit vnto the ende, his paynfull weary race: So Loue (if loue it bee indeed) will stedfast still remayne: What so betide, good hap or yll, and not reuoult agayne. Such fayth of you, sweet hart I aske, such fayth: why sayd I so? What neede I to demaund the thing. I haue had long ago: (15) Your fayth you gaue, the case is playn, you may not seeme to start: And I in earnest of the match did leaue with you my hart. But now perhaps you may alleage, long distance may procure, A cause wherby our former loue, no longer may endure: If so you Iudge to far amisse, although that sayle and winde, (20) Conuay my corps to cuntry strange, my hart remaynes behinde. Examples many could I shew, but needles is that payne, Mine owne example shall suffise, when I returne agayne: Meane while although to swim I want, Leanders cunning art, In all things els (except the same) Ile play Leanders part. (25) In hope that thou wilt shew thy selfe, to mee an Hero true, And so although loth to depart, + I say sweete hart adue.

A Ringe I sende, wherin is pende, a Posie (if you reede) Wherby you may, perceaue alway, of what I most haue neede. By mee your frende, vnto the ende, if you therto agree, (30) Although not so, your louing foe, I still perforce must bee.