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Inuidus alterius rebus macrescit opimis. +

T He greedy man, whose hart with hate doth swell, Because hee sees his neyghbors good estate: Liues vncontent, with what might serue him well, And eftsoones seemes to blame sufficient fate: (5) This grudging gluton glut, with goulden gayne, To serue his vse, although hee hath enough: +Repines at that, which others get with payne, So that himselfe therby, hee doth abuse: Hee thinkes that much, which passeth by his claw, (10) And findes a fault for it through luckles hap: +Although the matter valueth scarce a straw, Hee deemes it small of gaine, that giues no sap. Hee thinkes his store, shall serue his senclesse corse, Or that no death at all, hee deemes there bee: (15) Els would hee to his conscience haue remorse, And seeke to liue content with his degree: For what auayles, to horde vp heapes of drosse, Or seeke to please vnsaciate fond desire: Considering that, tis subiect vnto losse, (20) And wee (therby yll got) deserues Hell fire: From which O Lord conduct vs with thy hand, And giue vs grace to liue vnto thy prayse: Preserue our Queene his + subiects and her land, And graunt in peace, shee raigne here Nestors dayes.