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Pretie pamphlets, by T. P roctor. +

Proctors Precepts. +

L Eaue vading plumes, no more vaunt, gallant youth, Thy masking weeds forsake, take collours sage: Shun vicious steps, consider what ensueth, Time lewdly spent, when on coms crooked age. (5) When beauty braue shall vade, as doth the flower, When manly might, shall yeeld to auncient time: When yonge delightes shall dye, and ages bower, Shall lodge thy corps, bemoning idle prime. Learne of the Ant, + for stormy blastes to get. (10) Prouision, least vntimely want do cum, And mooues thee mone such time, so lewd neglect From vertues lore, where worthy honors wun. +Thinke how vncertayne here, thou liust a guest, Amid such vice, thats irksome to beholde: (15) Thinke whence thou camst, and where thy corps shall rest, When breathing breath, shall leaue thy carkasse colde. When dreadfull death, shall daunt thy hauty minde, When fearfull flesh, shall shrowd in clammy clay: When pamperd plumes shall vade, and dreads shall finde, (20) Deseruings due, for erring lewd astray. Run not to rash, least triall make the mone, In auncient yeres thy greene vnbridled time: Olde Age is lothd, with folly ouer grown, Yonge yeres dispisde, cut of in sprowting prime. (25) Experience learne, let elder lyues thee lead, In lyuely yeres, thy fickle steps to guide: Least vnawares, such vncoth paths thou tread, Which filthy be thought, pleasant to be eyde. In calmest Seas, the deepest Whorepooles bee, (30) In greenest Grasse, the lurking Adder lyes: +With eger sting, the sugerest sap wee see, Smooth wordes deceiue, learne therfore to bee wise.