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Of patience. +

A Soueraygne salue there is for eche disease: The cheefe reuenge for cruell ire Is pacience, the cheefe and present ease, For to delay eche yll desire.

Of lawlesse lust. +

A N euerlasting bondage doth hee choose, That can not tell a litle how to vse: Hee scant ynough for shame puruayes,That all alone to lust obayes.

Of will, and reason. +

I Count this conquest great, That can by reasons skill: Subdue affections heate, And vanquish wanton will.

Of three things to be shunned. +

T Hree thinges, who seekes for prayse, must flye, To please the taste with wine Is one: another, for to lye Full softe on fethers fine. (5) The thirde and hardest for to shunne, And cheefest to eschew, Is lickerous lust, which once begun, Repentance doth ensue.

Of beauty, and chastity. +

C Hastity a vertue rare, Is seldome knowen to run her race: Where cumly shape and beauty faire, Are seene to haue a byding place.

Of wisdome. +

W Ho seeketh the renowne to haue, And eke the prayse of Uertues name: Of Wisdome rare hee ought to craue, With gladsome will to worke the same.