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Prety parables, and Prouerbes of Loue. +

I Spake when I ment not, in speeding to gayne, +I sought, when I sped not, but trauaild in vayne: +I found where I feard not, would writh with the wind,I loste where I lou’d not, nor forsid to finde. +(5) Nothing in which, truth is not trustie, But double is such, and beauty but rustie: +I coole with the colde, I leue that I like not, I know not the olde, that rotteth and ripes not. I sauor no such, that fondly doth fauor, (10) I care not to much, for such sory sauor: +I taste or I try, in parte or in all, I care not a flye, the losse is but small. I labor at leasure, I pricke without payne, In vsing for pleasure, beates in my brayne: +(15) I spare not in byrding, to beat well the bush, +Nor leaue not in stryking, as long as they rush. I try ere I trust, nought wasting but winde, Before I finde iust, they know not my minde: +I iet not with Geminie, nor tarry not with Tawre +(20) In bluttring who bleares mee? I leaue them with Lawre . +For fier who fyndeth, in burning to bight, The wise man hee warneth, to leape from the light: +For seeing the weede, and losing from bandes, +The plowing in Sea, and sowing in Sandes. +