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Of a pure conscience. +

A Conscience pure withouten spot, That knoweth it selfe for to bee free: Of slaunders lothsome reketh not, A brazen wall full well may bee.

Of frendship founde by chaunce. +

T He frendship found by chaunce is such, As often chaunce is seene to chaunge: And therfore trust it not to much, Ne make therof a gaine to straunge: (5) For proofe hath taught by hap is had, Sometime as well the good as bad.

Of good will got by due desert. +

B Ut I suppose the same good will, That once by good desart is got: That fancy findes by reasons skill, And time shall try withouten spot, (5) Is such as harde is to bee gayned, And woorthy got to bee retayned.

Of flatterers and faythfull friendes. +

T He finest tongue can tel the smoothest tale, The hottest fiers haue ofte the highest smoke: The hardiest knightes the soonest will assaile, The strongest armes can giue the sturdest stroke (5) The wysest men be thought of greatest skill, And poorest freendes be found of most goodwill.

Of a vertuous, life, age, and death. +

G Od wot my freend our life full soone decayes, And vertue voydes no wrinkels from the face: Approching age by no entreatie stayes, And death vntamed, will graunt no man grace.


A proper Posie for a Handkercher. +

Fancy is fearce, Desire is bolde, Will is wilfull, but Reason is colde.