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(15) Wherby it may befall, in iudgment to bee quicke, To make them be suspecte therwith, that needeth not to kicke: +Yet in resisting wrong, I would not haue it thought, I doo accuse as though I knew, by whom it may be wrought: If any such there bee, that here withall be vext, (20) It were their vertue to beware, and deeme mee better nexte.


The Louer describeth the daungerous
state of Ambition. +

B Eholde these high and mighty men, Their chaunging state and tell mee then: Where they or wee, best dayes doo see, Though wee seeme not and they to bee (5) In wealth. Their pleasant course straung traces hath, On tops of trees that groundles path: +Full waueringly. For bee it calme they tread not fast, (10) Blow roughe, blow soft, all helpe is past: Appearingly. With vs, ye see, it is not so, That clime not vp, but kepe below: In calmes our course is faire and playne, (15) Huge hilles defendes from stormy rayne: For why? The raging winde and stormy shower, On mountaynes high it hath most power Naturally. (20) But wee that in lowe valleis lye, Beholde may such as wander hye: So slydingly: Then what is hee that will aspire, To heape such woe to please desire: