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How to choose a faythfull freende. +

T Hough that my yeares, full far doo stande aloofe, From counsell sage, or Wisdomes good aduice: What I doo know by soone repenting proofe, I shall you tell, and learne if you be wise. (5) From fined wits, that telles the smoothest tale, Beware, their tongues doo flatter oft a wry: A modest loke shall well set forth your sale, Trust not to much, before somewhat you try: So guyde your selfe in worde, and eke in deede, (10) As bad and good may prayse your sober name: Assay your freend, before your greatest neede, And to conclude, when I may doo that same, That may you please, and best content your minde, Assure your selfe, a faythfull freend to finde.


The Louer beeing accused of suspicion of flattery, pleadeth
not gyltie, and yet is wrongfully condemned. +

T O seeme for to reuenge, eche wrong in hastie wise,By proofe wee see of gyltlesse men, it hath not bin the guise: +In slaunders lothsome brute, when they condemned bee, With rageles moodes they suffer wronge, when truth shall try |(them free: +(5) These are the pacient panges, that pas within the brest Of those that feele their case by mine, where wrong hath right |(opprest: I know how by suspect, I haue been iudged away, And graunted gyltie in the thing, that clearly I denye. My fayth may mee defende, if I might leuid bee , (10) God iudge mee so, as from that gylte I know mee to bee free: I wrought but for my freend, the greefe was all mine owne, As if the troth were truely tryde, by prooft it might be knowne. Yet are there such that say, they can my meaning deeme, Without respect to this olde troth: things proue not as they seeme: