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Ambition reapeth worthy hyre, Because hee would such sporte aspyre Unequally. And there his bragge is layd full low, (65) That thought on hie, himself to show. Deseruedly.


The paynfull plight of a Louer remayning in doubtfull
hope of his Ladyes fauour. +

T He bitter sweete, that straynes my yeelded harte, The carelesse count, which doth the same imbrace: The doubtfull hope, to reape my due dezart, The pensiue pathe, that guides my restles race: (5) Are at such war, within my wounded brest, As doth bereaue, my ioy and eke my rest.
My greedy will, which seekes the golden gayne, My luckles lot, doth alwayes take in worth: My matched minde, that dreades my sutes in vayne, (10) My pittious playnt, doth helpe for to set forth: So that betwixt, two waues of raging Seas, I driue my dayes, in troubles and disease·
My wofull eyes, doo take their cheefe delight, To feede their fill, vpon their pleasant maze: (15) My hidden harmes, that grow in mee by sight, With pyning panges, doo driue mee from the gaze: And to my hap, I reape none other hire, But burne my selfe, and I to blow the fire.