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(25) That may in wealth by staying still, Spend well his dayes and fly from yll: To good. By hauing his recourse to God To loue his lawes to feare his rod: (30) Unfaynedly. To doo that in his worde wee finde, To helpe the poore, the sicke, the blinde: +Accordingly. But though gaynsayd this can not bee, (35) Deeme men by deedes, and yee shall see: That these low valleies they can not bide, But vp will clyme, though downe they slyde: Agayne. The poore the riche mans place doth craue, (40) The riche would fayne hyer places haue: Ambiciously. The Squyre, the Knight, a Lorde would bee, The Lorde, the Erle would hyer then hee: Full dangerously. (45) When these attayne to their desire, Then meaner men are set on fire: To haue the roomes which they in were, So that ye see all times some there: In hart. (50) When one is gon, another is come, The third catching the secondes roome: Full speedely. Thus clyming one to others tayle, The bowes either breake, or footing fayle: (55) Full totteringly. For when the top they haue attaynd, And got is all they would haue gaynd: Then downe they come wit sodayne fall, In doubtfull case of life and all. (60) And thus.