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(15) I muse how you had such a grace: To seeme a Hauke, and bee a kyte.
Where precious ware is to be solde, They shall it haue, that giueth most: All things wee see, are woon with Golde, (20) Few things is had, where is no cost. And so it fareth now by mee, Because I preace to giue no gyftes: Shee takes my sute vnthankfully, And driues mee of with many dryftes.
(25) Is this th’end of all my sute, For my good will, to haue a skorne? Is this of all my paynes the frute, To haue the chafte in steade of corne? Let them that lyst, posses such drosse, (30) For I deserue a better gayne: Yet had I rather leaue with losse, Then serue and sue, and all in vayne.


¶ A true description of Loue. +

A Ske what loue is? it is a passion, Begun with rest, and pampred vp in play: Planted on sight, and nourished day by day, With talke at large, for hope to graze vpon, (5) It is a short ioy, long sought, and soone gon: An endles maze, wherin our willes doo stray: A gylefull gaine, repentance is the pay. A great fier bred of small occasion, A plague to make, our fraylty to vs knowen, (10) Where wee therby, are subiecte to their lay: Whose fraylty ought, to leaue vntill our stay,