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And as the Star to Marriners, is guyde vnto the Port, So is this M, a heauenly ioy, to Louers that resort: (15) Who run and rome with inward wounds, & folded armes acrosse, And hide their harms with clokes of care, & feed their hope with losse. Her lookes doth lift aboue the skyes, her frowns to Hel doth throw All sues to her, shee seekes on none, that daily proofe doth show: +Wherfore her saying late set forth, shee burnt and could not flee, (20) Though ment in prayse, yet far amis, I take it written bee. +Shee is none such as if shee would, that any would disdayne: But for the smartes of others greefes, of pitty shee did playne, As one most lothe of any lyfe, for loue of her bee loste, Or that with blud or cruell deedes, men write her beauties boste: +(25) For mercy is in M, her brest, and modest is her life, A courtuous mayd, and like to prooue, a constant worthy wife.


¶ The Louer deceyued by his Ladyes vnconstancy,
writeth vnto her as foloweth. +

T He heat is past that did mee fret, The fier is out that nature wroughtThe plantes of youth that I did set, Are dry and dead within my thought (5) The Frost hath slayne the kindly sap, That kept the hart in liuely state: The sodayne storme and thunder clap: Hath turned loue, to mortall hate.
The myst is gon that bleard mine eyes, (10) The lowring cloudes I see appeare, Though that the blinde eate many flyes, +I would you knew, my sight is cleare: Your sweete deceyuing flattryng face Did make mee thinke that you were white: