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[sig. Hiiv]

O cruell Tygars whelpe, who had thy hand in holde? +(10) When that with flattering pen thou wrotst, thy help at hand behold? +Beleeue it to bee true, I come without delay, A foole and silly simple soule, yet doost thou still betray: Whose mooueles loue and trust, doth reason far surmount, Whom Cupids trumpe, to fatall death hath sommond to accompt(15) My fayth and former life: fed with such frendly fier, Haue not of thee by iust reward, deserued such falts hyer: I promesse thee not mine, but thy case I bewayle, What infamy may greater bee, then of thy fayth to fayle? How ofte with humble sute? haue I besought the sonne, (20) That hee would spur his Coursers fearce, their race more swifte ||(to ronne? To th’end with quicker speed, might come the promised day, The day which I with louing lookes, and weary will did pray. But thou art sure disposde to glory in my death, Wherfore to feede thy fancy fond, loe, here I ende my breath. (25) I can not sighe nor sob, away by playnt I pine: I see my fatall fainting file, ye Sisters doo vntwine, +The Feriman I finde, prest at the Riuer side: +To take mee in his restles Boate, therin with him to ride. And yet although I sterue, through thy dispitous fault: (30) Yet craue I not in my reuenge, that harme should thee assault, But rather that thy fame, eternally may shine: And that eche to thine auayle, aboundantly encline. That eche thine enterprise, hath luckye lot and chaunce, And stable fortune, thine estate, from day to day aduaunce, (35) That Sun, that Moone, that starres, and eke the plannets all, The fier, the water, and the earth, may freendly to thee fal. That many quiet yeres, thou number may with rest: Uoyd of all annoyes and greeues, as may content thee best, And if that foraine loue, torment and vexe thy harte: (40) God yeeld thy weary wanting wish, and swagement of thy smart. With froward flearing face, at mee if Fortune frowne, Thou doost reioyce and I not so, but ioy thy good renowne: And if I thee offend, for that I doo thee loue, Forgiue it mee: for force it is, I can it not remoue.