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In case our selues, this custome had not knowen. Of hope and health, such creatures for to pray, Whose glory resteth cheefly on denaye. +


¶ The Louer to his beloued, by the name
of fayre, and false. +

O Cruell hart with falsehood infecte, of force I must complayne, Whose poyson hid, I may detect, as cause doth mee constrayn: Thy name I shryne within my brest, thy deedes though I doo tell, No minde of malice I protest, thy selfe doth know it well. (5) If thy deserts then bids mee write, I cannot well reuoke it, I shall not spare to shew thy spite, I will no longer cloake it: As Troylus truth shall bee my sheeld, to kepe my pen from blame, So Cressids crafte shall kepe the feeld, for to resound thy shame. Vlisses wife shall mate the sore, whose wishly troth doth shine, +(10) Well Fayre and False, I can no more, thou art of Helens lyne: And daughter to Diana eke, with pale and deadly cheare, +Whose often chaunge I may well like, two moonthes within the ||yeare.


¶ The Louer describeth his paynfull plight, and
requireth speedy redresse, or present death. +

T He slaue of seruile sort, that borne is bond by kinde, Doth not remayne in hope, with such vnquiet minde: Ne tossed crasid Ship, with yrksome surging seas, So greedely the quiet Port, doth thirst to ride at ease. (5) As I thy short returne, with wishing vowes require, In hope that of my hatefull harmes, the date will then expire: But time with stealing steps, and driery dayes doth driue, And thou remaynst then bound to come, if that thou bee aliue.