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[sig. Hiiiv]

Yee sooner shall, the law of nature starue, When Ryuers take their course agaynst the hill, (15) Ere sodayne hap, for better or for worse, Disturne my thoughts, to take a better course.
With hartes consent, my loue you doo possesse, A surer holde may chaunce, then many weene: The fayth by othe, that subiectes doo confesse, (20) To their new prince, is seldome stronger seene: No fyrmer state than that, which loue doth sure expresse, Of Kinge, ne Keyser hitherto hath been: So that you neede not fortifie your hould, With Towre or Ditch, least others win it should.
(25) For though you set, no Souldiers for defence, For all assaults, this one may yet suffise: It is not goods can alter my pretence, No gentle hart, yeeldes to so vile a prise. +Though crowne and septier, few would dispise, (30) Not beauty meete, to moue a wauering minde, Yet more then yours, I wot not where to finde.
And feare you not, what forme my hart once tooke, Least any new print, shall the same deface: So deepe therin, ingraued is your looke, (35) As neuer may bee wyped from that place: My hart like Waxe, so lightly did not brooke, More then one stroke, ere Cupid brought to passe One splint of skale, therof to take away, The best reserued, your Image to pourtray. +
(40) That like as what stone, it selfe best desendeth,And hardiest is with toole to bee graue:Doth sooner breake in peeces, then it bendeth, To looze the stampe, afore my hand it gaue:Euen so the nature, of my hart contendeth, (45) As hard is this, as any stone you haue: