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[sig. Hiiir]

(45) For I in secret sort, these lines to thee did I write, My weakned wearied hand hensforth, shall sease for to endyte: That letters to receiue from mee, thou neede not muse: The messenger that next of all, of mee shal bring the newes. Dissolued from the corps, shalbe my dolefull spright: (50) That first (vnsheathd) shal passe to thee, when hee hath vewd thy ||(sight, Contented hee shall go vnto the heauens aboue, In case that ioyed rested place, may gayne it any loue. And now for that my death, thy name may spot and stayne: If that the flying fame therof, to others eares attayne, (55) I will not it were red, or knowen by other wayes: That thou art only cause, I thus in ruthe doo ende my dayes. Wherfore this Letter red, condemne it to the flame: And if thou doo thy honnor forse, I know thou wilt the same, And if in lingring time, vnwares they chaunce to come: (60) Wherin the entrayles of the earth, shall hap to bee my tombe. At least yet graunt mee this, it is a small request: O happy wythered pyned corps, God send thy soule good rest.


¶ The Lady beloued, assureth her Louer to bee his
owne, and not to change, while life doth last. +

D Eare hart as earst I was, so will I stil remayne, Till I am dead, and more if more may bee: Howsoeuer loue do yeeld mee ioy or payne, Or Fortune lyst to smyle or frowne on mee (5) No chaunging chaunce my fast fayth may constrayne, No more then Waues, or beating of the Sea May stir the stedfast rocke, that will not ply, For fayre nor fowle one inche, no more will I. A file or knife of lead, shall sooner carue (10) The Diamant vnto what forme you will: Ere Fortunes dynte, compell mee for to swarue, Or the ire of Loue, to breake my constant will,