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I feare much Promethius fall, dare no further wade, (30) Whom loue embraced with the shape, that hee so finely made: Yet this I dare presume, one thought of her may draw, A harte of Iron, and it subdue, vnto blinde Cupids law. I sorrow to recite, the bitter teares that flow: Within the eyes of other Dames, that beauty know. (35) I weepe to wayle in minde, the burning slights that flame: In troubled hartes of Natures case in spreading of her fame, They all doo curse themselues, of Nature makes complaynt, That shee on them had smal regard, that did her thus depaynt. Of her doth nobles spring, and sutors sue for grace, (40) And Fountaines eke of sugred speech, where voice can take no ||(place, Here Pallas should haue lost her prayse, for wisdome great, Who gendred was of Ioue his braines, wher wisdom toke his seat. +Here wise Vlisses wyfe +, whose chastnesse brued her fame: Should matched bee, ye mated eke, in ventring of the same. (45) Prowde Tarquin with his force, which Lucresse did defile: Could not haue spoyled faire D. so, with neither sound nor gyle. This Dame I thinke bee such, that heauen can vndermine, And lifte the earth vnto the skyes, eche stone a star to shine. If passed time (alas) might now returne agayne, (50) And all the wittes that euer was, would herein take the payne: They could not at the ful, no due giftes expresse, A wight vnfit to bee in earth, in heauen no such goddesse. Whose name shall floorish still, though Atropos with spight: In running from her deuelish Den, bereaue vs of this light, (55) Though Thesiphon do cut, her time of life a way: Her cankred Swoord cannot assayle, her fame for to decay. For wee in these our dayes, our selues may better quight: To geue to her the cheefest prayse, then Paris which did right. Lesse hatred cannot want, though power for to reuenge: (60) Our stately house as they did Troy, + their force doth faile to senge. Their might if it were like, these verses wee should rew,With no lesse payne then Ouid did, whose greefe by Muses grew. +