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(5) Hope well to haue, hate not sweet thought, Ofte cruell stormes faire calmes haue brought: After sharp showres, the sunne shyneth faire, Hope commeth likewise after dispayre.
In hope a Kinge doth go to warre, (10) In hope the Louer lyues full longe, In hope the Marchaunt sayles full farre, In hope most men doo suffer wronge: In hope the Ploughman soweth much seede, Thus hope helpes thousands in their neede. (15) Then faynt not hart amonge the rest, What euer chaunce hope thou the best.
Though wit biddes will to blowe retrayte, Wyll cannot worke as wit would wish When that the Roche doth taste the bayte: (20) To late to warne the hungry fishe. When Cities bren of firy flame, Great Ryuers scarce will quenche the same. If Will and Fantasie bee agreed To late for Wyt to bid take heede.


¶In the commendacion of faythfull loue. +

T He faithful cannot flye, nor wander to nor fro, Fayth only they holde them bye, though that the fickle go. +A Piller of more force, then Marble layd with hand, With Pickaxe may deuorce, and lay it flat on land.(5) Th’other so deuine, that no arte can remoue, Once layd cannot decline, th’only Piller loue,