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The Louer in the prayse of his beloued
and comparison of her beauty. +

N Ot shee+ for whom prowde Troy did fall and burne, The Greekes eke slaine, that bluddy race did runne: Nor shee for spight that did Acteon turne, Into an Hart her beauty coye did shunne: (5) Nor shee+ whose blud vpon Achilles Tombe, Whose face would tame a Tygars harte: Nor shee+ that wan by wise of Paris dome. Th’apple of Golde for Beauty to her parte: Nor shee + whose eyes did pearce true Troylus brest, (10) And made him yeeld, that knew in loue no law, Might bee compared to the fayrest and the best, Whom Nature made to keepe the rest in awe: For Beauties sake, sent downe from Ioue aboue, +Thrise happy is hee, that can attayne her loue.


¶ In the prayse of a beautifull and vertuous Virgin,
whose name begins with M. +

B Ehold you Dames that raigne in fames, whose lookes mens harts ||(do leade And triumph in the spoyle of those, vpon whose brests you trede. A myror make of M, whose molde, Dame Nature in disdayne, To please her self, & spight her foes, in beauty raysd to raigne: (5) Whose sunny beames & starry eyes, presents a heauenlyke face, And shewes the world a wonderous worke, sutch are her giftes of |(grace In forhed, feature beareth, brunt in face doth fauor guyde, +In
lookes is life, in shape is shame, in cheekes doth coulor hyde: +
In boddy seemelynesse doth shew, in wordes doth wisdome shade, (10) All partes of her doth prayse deserue, in temprance is her trade. In humble porte is honor plaste, in face is maydens smyles Her life is grafte with Golden giftes, her deedes deuoyd of gyles.