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[sig. Giiiir]

Unkinde, thou hast forsaken mee, but I willNot will thee willingly for none assayes(50) Yet this hard hap, and trouble for to flie, I can and will, ende these my wofull dayes: In onely way, in thy disgrace to dye, For if the Gods had graunted by their payes My death, geuen then, when I stoode in thy grace, (55) No wight had dyed in halfe so happy a case.


¶The Louer vnto his Lady beloued,
of her disdaynfulnesse toward him. +

F Or beauties sake though loue doth dread thy ||(might, And Venus thinks, by sute to proue thy dame: Though Pallas striues, by hope of equall right, For Wisdoms watch, as daughter thee to claime. (5) Though Mercury would entitled be thy Syre, For thy sweet talke, so sweetly blazed forth: Though all the Gods, do burne in like desire, Thy graces rare, in heauen so much worth: Yet lo, thy proofe I know, the trusty waight, (10) Of Tygars milke, thou fostred wert from molde, +And Cipres Well with dainful chaung of fraight. +. Gaue thee to drinke infected poyson colde. But yet beware, least loue renew in thee, The dreadfull flame Narcissus whylom felt, +(15) With eger mo
ode, and sight to feede thine eye.
Of thine owne, from others flame to swell: For loue doth loue with hot reuenge to wreake, The ruthles Iron hart, that will not breake. +