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[sig. Fiv]

(75) Good hope I haue your gentill hart +My grislie greefe will rue. And that at length I shall My hartes delight imbrace: When due desart by curtesie, (80) Shall purchace + mee thy grace. Untill which time, my deare Shall still increase my payne, In pensiue thoughtes and heauinesse Because I shall remayne. +


¶ A Caueat to yongmen to shun the snares
of Cupids crafty sleightes. +

I F euer wight had cause to mone or wayle with bitter teares, His wretched life and wofull plight that still in languish weares. (5) Then haue I cause that late haue lodgde such loue within my hart, With greefe with payne, with pyning panges my body boyles in smart.
O earth why doost not thou (10) my wofull plight sustayne? O surging Seas with swallowing gulfe release mee of this payne. For languishing loue with dolefull doomes hath layd my hart in brine, (15) O wofull wretch, O wicked wight That so for loue doth pine.
The Sonne that shines with golden beames and dries the dewie flowers,