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[sig. Fiiv]

Unsauory seemes it vnto mee: eache thing should doo mee good
Amidst the nipping frostes I broyle, in pearching heate I freese (55) And thus agaynst all course of kinde: for loue my life I leese. Wo woorth the time that first I lodgde thy spoyling loue in harte, You yonge men al bee warnd by mee (60) And shun blinde Cupids Darte


¶ The aged Louers noate, at length to learne to dye. +

W Hy askest thou the cause Wherfore I am so sad Thou knowst when age on draws No creature can bee glad.
(5) And sith shee + hath mee rested And threatned mee to die: Therfore I am sequestredAll mirth for to denie.
And now with feeble age (10) The rest of all my dayes, My countenance must be ful sage: Since that my life decayes.
Like as the harte of Oke By time doth rot at last, Like time doth age prouoke With time my hart doth brast.
(5) Lo thus by course of time My youth is gone and past, And now the turne is mine Of bitter death to taste.
And noate that I haue sayd (10) The cause wherof and why, My youthfull partes be playde And I must learne to die.