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[sig. Fiir]

Doth cause mee wretch with blubbering eyes (20) to gush forth extreame showers. The hermony of chirping birdes that ioyes with siluer songes, Eche lyuing wight, doth cause my cares to fill my hart with thronges.
(25) Eche gladsome ioy of mundaine glee That glads the worldly minde, Doth heape vp cares on carefull corps agaynst all course of kinde. And so eche thing that ought delight (30) and rid the minde from pause, Contrariwise agaynst all right a thousand cares doth cause.
For when that I in sugred sleepe, most sweetly should take rest, (35) Then doo I wring my wofull handes and beate my dolefull brest. And if I chaunce on sleepe to fall, a thousand dreames I haue: And doo suppose I her embrace, (40) whose want will cause my graue.
And then with gladsome hart I ioy thus cleane depriued of wo: But (oh alas) when that I wake, I finde it nothing so. (45) And then my sighes from sobbing harte doth reaue my brest in twayne, And teares that run from blubbered eyes doth more encrease my payne.
And when I should sustayne my lyfe (50) and feeble corps with foode,