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[sig. Fiiir]

¶ The desperate Louer exclaymeth his Ladyes cruelty
and threatneth to kill himselfe. +

M Y ioyful dayes bee past, My plasant yeres be gone, My life it may not last My graue and I am one.
(5) My mirth, and all is fled And I a man in woo, Desireth to bee dead My mischeefe to forgoe.
I burne and am a colde (10) I freese in middest of fire, I see shee dooth with hold That most I doo desire.
I that shee doth see And yet shee wilbe blinde, (15) I see in healpinge mee Shee seeketh and wil not finde.
I see how shee doth wrye When I begin to mone, I see when I come nye (20) How fayn shee would be gone.
I see shee knoweth my harte And how I doo complayne, I see shee knoweth my smarteShee seeth I doo not fayne.
(5) I see my helpe at hand I see my death also. I see where shee doth stand I see my cruell fo.
I see, what would you more?(10) Shee would mee gladly kill, And shee shall see therfore That s
hee shall haue her will.
I cannot liue by stones It is to harde a food, (15) I would be dead at once to doo my Lady good.
Shee shall haue her request And I will haue mine ende, Lo heeve my blouddy brest (20) To please her most vnkinde.


¶ The Louer beeing blinded with the faythlesse loue of his Lady
is contented to remit her fault vpon promis of amendment. +

S Ince that thou diddest mee loue When lust did thee prouoke, And that thou doost well proue: That I cannot reuoke.