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All this doth time bring forth, which time I must abide, How should I boldely credit craue? till time my truth haue tried. And as a time I found, to fall in Fancies frame, (10) So doo I wish an happy time, at large to shew the same. If Fortune aunswer hope, and hope may haue her hire, Then shall my hart possesse in peace, the time that I desire.


ΒΆ The Louer perswadeth him selfe to pacience
agaynst Enuie and slanderous tongues. +

I F only sight suffise, my hart to loose or binde, What cause haue I to mooue debate, wherby no peace I finde? If that my restlesse will, by payne doth still renue, What force haue I? but shee consent, my fo for to subdue? (5) To yeeld and suffer then, I thinke it for the best, And by desert as time shall serue, to purchase quiet rest. Let ielous enuy lowre with browes, and visage bent, I know the worst, no shameles tongue, shall alter myne intent. The Dice of Loue are throwen, god speede the doubtfull chaunce (10) Misdeeme who lyst, so shee at last, my seruice will aduaunce. To aske and to obtayne, that Fortune were so swifte, Sith trauaill is the ready way, vnto eche noble gyfte. And feeble is the ioy, that lightly is begonne, As tender Flare can beare no stresse, before that it bee sponne. (15) Wherfore with sad aduice, in hope my harte shall dwell, And all the tale that I confesse, in silence will I tell Unto her selfe alone, whose fauour I require, None els shall know her name for mee, to constre my desire.