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[sig. Eiv]

When right shall see right time to boste? When right shall aright vnright oppresse? When right shall raigne and rule the roste? Then my poore harte shall come to rest. (25) Then shall it so. &c. When shall I watch the time to see? Now shall I wish the time possest, Now shall I thinke each day yeeres three +That my poore harte may come to rest. (30) When shall it so? &c. Now farewell harte, most smooth most smart, Now farewell hart with hart hartiest, And farewell harte, till hart in harte: By harty harte may come to rest. (35) God graunt it so. &c.


¶ A fine and freendly Letter, of the Louer to his beloued. +

L Ike as the Hauke is led by lure, + to draw from tree to tree, So is my hart through force of loue, where euer my body bee The Hauke to pray doth double wing, her flight is fled in vayne +I make my flight in waste of winde, my hope receyueth no gayne. (5) Haukes that be high it hurtes to light, two flightes without reward My flight is two, and three againe, alas Mistresse regarde: The Hauke brought low, is soone made high, by feeding on warme ||(foode Your mouthes breath settes mee aloft, there is nothing so good. Good Lady then strain forth the strings, whose tune may mee reuiue (10) And with straung tongue do not prolong, + my ioyes thus to depriue. Within your brest my hart is hid, your will and it is one, Regard my smart, the cure is yours, and losse, when I am gone. Thus all your owne, I recommend mee wholly to your grace, As seemeth you best for to reward, my plight and wofull case. (15) Which plight if you do counterpaise, with ioyes, as doth belonge, My hart for ioy would tune accorde, to singe some pleasant songe.