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[sig. Eiir]

¶ The Louers fatal farewell at his death. +

A L wealth I must forsake, and pleasures eke forgo, My life to ende in wo and greefe, my desteny is so For where I had perfixt, with sute to win my ioy, I found I had right speedy death, al welth for to distroy. (5) Whose Image lo I am, though lyuing I appeare, Both body and soule be seperate, my heauen it is not here. My harte I haue bestowed, wheras it is not found Thou body then depart thou hence, why pleasurest thou the ground? +And Death draw thou mee neare, O Death my dearest freend, (10) Then with thy dart, shoot through my hart, my sorrows so to ende. And when that death did heare the thing that I did craue, Heeweighed mee, euen as I was, a man fit for the graue. Come follow mee sayth hee, thou man bee not agast, Hee that delighteth in earthly things, shal feele these panges at last (15) All yee then that list to loue, this lesson learne by mee, Or yée begin, noate well, the ende, is payne and misery.


¶ The Louer complayneth of his Ladies vnconstancy +
to the Tune of I lothe that I did loue. +

Y ou graues of grisly ghosts Your charge from coffins send From roring rout in Plutoes costsYou Furies vp ascend.
(5) You trampling steades of Hell Come teare a wofull wight, Whose haples hap no tonge can |(tell Ne pen can well endight.
I hate this lothsome life O Atropos draw nie, Untwist the thred of mortall strife Send death and let mee die.
(5) For Beauties taynted trope +Hath made my cares assay, And ficklenes with her did cope: To fordge my whole decaye.