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¶ The Louer exhorteth his Lady to bee
constant. To the Tune of
Attend thee go play thee. +

N Ot light of loue lady, Though fancy doo prick thee, Let constancy possesse thy hart: Well worthy of blamyng: (5) They bee, and defaming, From plighted troth which backe do start: Deare dame: Then ficklenesse bannish, And folly extinguish, (10) Bee skilfull in guiding, And stay thee from slidinge And stay thee. &c.
The constant are praysed Their fame high is raysed (15) Their worthynesse doth pearce the skye, The fickle are blamed: Their lightiloue shamed, Theyr foolishnesse doth make them dye: As well, (20) Can Cressid beare witnesse, Fordge of her owne distresse, Whom Leprosy paynted And penury taynted: And penury. &c.
(25) Still Muses are busie To tell vs of Thisbe Whom stedfastnesse doth much commend And Camma is placed, To blame the defaced (30) That light of loue doo sende.