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[sig. Eiiir]

You gallant youths therfore In time beware by mee
Take heed of womens subtil lore, Let mee example bee.


¶ The Louer, hauing sustayned ouermuch wrong at his
Ladyes hande wisheth speedy death. +

T O feeble is the thread That holdeth mee in lyfe, That if it bee not succoured Short end shal stint the stryfe. +
(5) For though the spindle ronne To draw the thread on length +Alas therby what hold is wonne If it be weake of strength
Or how can it haue ayde (10) Since rigor is so rife, In her whose handes to cut the thread +Gaue cruelly the knife.
Whose edge of Enuy hard In Venus forge hath wrought, (15) Wherby his deth is thus preferd Whose life offended nought.
But sithe thy cheefe delite, My cheefe delightfull fo, Is with such wrong to work the ||(spite (20) With speed come end this wo.
And when my death hath done My duty at her will,
A greater greefe be not begonne To last therafter still.
For after death, if strife Should still my life pursue, (5) What then doth death but breed a|( life Of mone & mischeefe new?
Wherfore if needes thou wilte Thy spindle spin no more, But that this thred with spoyle bee |(spilt (10) Which led my life before.
Prouide then for the nonceProuide for mee the best, That I may dye at once From all thy mindes vnrest.
(15) And let not presente death Prefer an after paine, But let the paines pas with my |(breath And not reuiue againe.
For thus by this you shall (20) Two thinges at once fulfill, I shalbe free that haue bin thrall: And you shall haue your will.