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Phedra , Is checked most duly Because that vntruly Forst therto by loue light (35) Shee slayeth Hippolite. Shee slayeth. &c.
A spring of annoyance, And well of disturbance, New fanglenesse in loue hath bin: (40) It killeth the Master, It poysons the taster, No worldly wight by it doth win. Therfore, Good lady bee constant, (45) So shall you not bee shent, But woorthely praysed, As you haue deserued, As you haue, &c.


The Louer wounded with his Ladies beauty
craueth mercy. To the Tune of
where is the life that late I led. +

I F pitty once may mooue thy hart, To rew a wofull wight? If curtesy can force thy minde, To vew my doulfull plight? (5) Sith I cannot deuise +To quench this raging fier, With trickling teares I craue of thee Attend to my desier: Whom Venus fethered boy +(10) Hath crasde with deadly dart,