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A propper Dittie. To the tune of lusty Gallant. +

T He glyttering showes of Floras dames Delightes not so my carefull minde, Ne gathering of the fragrant flames: That ofte in Floras Nimphes I finde. (5) Ne all the noates of Birdes so shryl Mellodiously in woods that singe, Whose solemne Quires the skyes doth fill: With noate on noate that heauenly ringe.
The frisking Fish in streames that springe (10) And sporte them on the riuers side, The Hound the Hauke and euery thinge: Wherin my ioyes did once abide, Doth nothinge els but breede my wo Sith that I want which I desier, (15) And death is eke become my fo: Denying that I most requier,
But if that Fortunes freendly grace Would graunt mine eyes to take the vew, Of her whose porte and amorous face (20) My senses all doth so subdew. That raunging too and fro to gayne The pray that most delighteth mee, At last I finde that breedes me payne: Shee flyes so fast it will not bee.
(25) Then in my selfe with lingering thoughts A sodayne strife begins to gro, I then doo wish such Birdes at noughts: That from their louers flyeth so. At last I see the Fowlars gin, (30) Prepared for this Birde and mee Then wisht I lo his hed therin: So that my birde and I were free.