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(25) Now though that kinde hath set her forthe, And natures workes shee hath possest, Theese goodly giftes are litle worth: If pitty dwelt not in her brest. Oh, God forbid such flowring youth (30) Should bee mislyked for lacke of ruth , +For I with other might say then: Lo, this is shee that killeth men.


¶ The Louers farewell, at his departure, perswadeth his
beloued to constancie in his absence. +

T Hough Fortune cannot fauor According to my will: The proofe of my behauor: Shall bee to loue you still.
(5) Entending not to chaunge, Whiles that my life doth last: But still in loue to raunge: Till youth and age be past.
Though I bee far you fro, (10) Yet in my fantacie: I loue you and no mo: Thinke this assuredly.
Your owne both true and iuste, Alwayes you shall mee finde: (15) Wherfore of right you must, Haue mee likewise in minde.
And doo not mee forsake, Though I doo tarry longe:
But take mee for your make, I will not chaunge my songe.
Though absence now a while, Do part vs thus in twayne: (5) Thinke neither craft nor gyle, For I will come agayne
The same man that I went. Both in my woorde and deede: Though some men doo relent, +(10) And grudge that I should speed.+
But if you doo remayne, And do not fro mee starte: My hart you doo attayne, Till death vs two depart.
(15) And thus farewell adew, And play an honest parte: And chaunge mee for no new, Seeing that you haue my hart.