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[sig. Diiv]

¶ The Lady beloued exclaymeth of the great
vntruth of her louer. +

W Ould god I had neuer seen, the teares of thy false eyne Or els my eares ful deaf had bin That herd those words of thine
(5) Then should I not haue knowne Nor chosen to my part: So many euils in one To kill my poore true hart.
As now in thee I finde, (10) Who bidst mee from thee go: As false and full vnkinde, Alas why doost thou so?
Was neuer man so false of othe, To none as thou to mee (15) Was neuer woman of more troth Then I haue ben to thee.
And thou to leaue mee so, And canst no iust cause tell: But wilt thou spill with wo, (20) The hart that loues thee wel.
Mee thinkes that for my part, I may speake in the same, I say me thinkes thou art, Euen very mutch to blame.
(25) Pardy, it is but litle praise, To thee that art a man:
To finde so many crafty wayes, To fraude a poore woman.
At whom all women smile, To see so fonde on thee: (5) And men although they wayle, To see how thou vsest mee.
To lure mee to thy fist, +To ease thy feigned payne: And euer when thou list, (10) To cast mee of agayne.
The wretched hound that spendes ||(his dayes, And serueth after kinde: The Horse that tredeth the beaten |(ways As nature doth him binde +
(15) In age yet findes releefe,
Of them that did him wo: Who in their great mischeefe, Disdayne not them to know. +
Thus they for wo and smart, (20) Had ease vnto their paine: But I for my true hart, Get nought but greefe agayne.
The weary and long night doth make mee dreame of thee, (25) And still me thinks with sight, I see thee here with mee.