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[sig. Diir]

¶ The Louer perswadeth his beloued, to beware the
deceites and allurements of strange suters. +

B E stedfast to thine owne As is vnto thee, Regard not men vn knowen But loue thine owne truly (5) For oft deceyts are sowen By them that vnknowen bee Wherfore cast of the rest: And thine own loue thou best.
For though that their false suite (10) Seeme pleasant in thine eare, Thou knowst oft times ill fruit A pleasant tree doth beare. If thou chaunce to reputeA rotten Apple cleare, (15) Better to loue thine owne And forsake men vnknowne.
Thou doost well vnderstand These wordes not spoken seildeMore suer a birde in hand, (20) Then twenty in the feild. +Thou knowest thine owne sure ||(bandAnd how that it hath helde Then chaunge it for no new: But loue him that is trew.
If suters doo thee moue Or dayly to thee write, Yet graunt to them no loue Their paynes for too requite. (5) But thinke it doth behooue Thee alwayes to doo rightThen must thou loue thine own And forsake men vnknowne.
This counsayle I thee giue (10) As farforth as I can, As I that whiles I liue Wilbee thine onely man. For sure it would mee greeue, To see thee out of frame(15) Or chaunge at any time: Thine owne not to bee thine.
Thus written by thine owne To thee with all his harte, Disiringe the vnknowen (20) Of thee may haue no part. For if sutch chaunge bee sowen No doubt thou killest my hart Wherfore I say beware: Alwayes the vnknown snare.