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(25) Yet storme doth cease: but lo at hand A ship with warlike wightes addrest, Which seemes to bee some Pyrates band: With Powder and with Pellets prest. To sinke or spoyle my brused Barke +(30) Which dangers dread could not a daunt, And now the shot the ayre doth darke: +And Captayne on the Deke him vaunt. Then Ignorance the ouerseear proude Cryes to Suspicion, spare no shot: (35) And Enuy yelleth out aloude, Yeeld to Detraction this thy Boate: +And as it is now Sea mens trade When might to coole the foe doth lacke, By vayling foretop signe I made (40) That to their lee I mee did take. Then gathering winde to mee they make, And Treason first on borde doth come Then followes Fraud like wily Snake: And swift amongst them takes his rome. (45) These binde mee Captiue, tane with bandOf carkinge care and fell annoy, While vnder Hatches yet I stand Therby quight to abandon ioye. Then hoysting sayles they homeward hye(50) And mee present vnto Disdayne, Who mee beheld with scorning eye The more for to encrease my payne. As Lady shee commaunded strayght That to Dispayre they mee conuay, (55) And bid with skilfull heed hee wayght, That Truth bee bard from mee away. Madam (quoth I) let due desart Yet finde remorse for these my woes, Of pitty graunt some ease to smart(60) Let Troth draw neare to quayle my foes. +