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And sure I doo mislyke, that wemen choose to change, Vngratefull folkes I do detest, as monsters foule and strange. Sith first I did you know: I neuer spake the thing That did intend you to beguile, or might repentance bring. (15) Thrise hath my pen falne downe: vpon this paper pale, And scantly can my hart consent: to write to thee this tale. Least hasty Iudgmentes might, misdeeme my giltles minde, To charge that malice moues my speech, or some new frend to finde The gods I vouch to ayd: who knowes the troth I ment, (20) To swarue or fleet from that I vowed, was neuer my intent. But as the Courser fearce, by pearcing spur doth run, So thy desertes enforce mee now: to see this worke begun. Would God I had no cause to leaue that I did loue, Or lothe the thing that likt mee so: + nor this mishap to proue. (25) But sith no thing in earth: in one estate can bide, Why striue I then against the streame, or toyle against the tide? +And haue you now forgot, how many yeeres I sought, To get your grace with whot good will: how dearly I it bought. There is no one aliue, that nature euer made (30) That hath such giftes of vertues race, and such vntroth doth shade. +If fayth might haue bin found, within a womans brest, I did beleeue within thy hart, shee chose her place to rest. Vnskilful though I bee, and cannot best deserne, Where craft for troth doth preace in place, yet am I not to learne. (35) And I did thinke you such: that litle knew of guile, But seemings now be plaste for deedes, and please fulwel the while Why doo I wunder thus? to thinke this same so strange, Who hath assayed and knoweth not? that wemen choose to change. Haue you thus sone forgot, the doutes and dreades you made, (40) Of yongmens loue how litle holde, how sone away they fade. How hardly you beleeued? how often would you say, My wordes were spoken of the splene: and I as oft denay. How oft did you protest with handes vpstretcht to skyes? How oft with othes vnto the Gods? how oft with weeping eyes? (45) Did you beseech them all, to rid your spending dayes? When that you thought to leaue your freend: to dy without delayes