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[sig. Ciir]

Thy bewty bright is sutch, that well it would inuade, A hart more hard then Tigar wilde: and more it can perswade. (85) Then Tullyes cunning tongue: or Ouids louing tale, Well may I curse and ban them both, that so haue brewed my |(bale. I feare to praise to far: least haply I begin, To kindle fier that well is quencht, and burne mee all within. For well I may compare: and boldly dare it say, (90) Thou art the Queene of women kinde, and all they ought obay. And all for shame doo blush, when thou doost come in place, They curse ech thing that gaue thee life, and more disdain thy face. Then any liuyng wight: doth hate the Serpent foule, Or birdes that singe and flies by day, abhors the shrikyng Owle. (95) Oh that a constant minde: had guided forth thy dayes, I had not then assayd myshap: nor pen spoke thy disprayse. Decreed sith that thou art, for euer to forsake mee, In sorrows sweete I wil mee shrine: till death shall list to take mee. Bewayle O woful eyes, with fluds of flowing teares, (100) This great mischaunce thy lothsome life, that all ill hap vp beares, Since parted is your ioy, resigne likewise your sight, I neuer will agree to like, or looke on other wight. Nor neuer shall my mouth consent to pleasant sound, But pale and leane with hollow lookes: till death I will bee found. (105) And you vnhappy handes: with lyking foode that fed mee, Leaue of to labor more for mee: since sorrow thus hath sped mee. +Lament vnlustie legges: bee lame for euer more, Sith shee is gone for whom you kept: your willing pace in store. O hatefull heauy hart: bewayle thy great vnrest, (110) Consume thy selfe or part in twaine: within my blouddy brest. And thee my sences all: whose helpe was aye at hand, To length the life that lingreth now
, and lothsomely doth stand.
Yee sonne, ye moone and starres: that gyues the gladsome light Forbeare to show your force a while: let all bee irkesome night. (115) Let neuer soyle bringe forth, agayn the lusty greene Nor trees that new dispoyled are, with leafe be euer seene. +Let neither birde nor beast: posses their wonted minde Let all the thinges that liues on earth, be turned from their kinde.