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[sig. Ciiiiv]

Then farewell Cupid with thy cruell darte (55) And welcome shee that pearst mee with her sight, Shee is my Ioy, shee is my hartes delight.


The Louer extolleth, aswell the rare vertues of his Lady
beloued, as also her incomparable beautie. +

D Esire hath driuen from mee my will, Or Cupids blase hath bleard mine eyes: +Knowledge mee fayles, my sight is yll: If kinde or cunning could deuise (5) Nature to paynt in better plightTo set her forth with red and white: Or if men had Apelles arte, Who could her mend in any parte?
Her face declares where fauor growes, (10) And telles vs heere is Beauties grace: Her eyes hath power to binde and lose, Her countenance may freendes embrace. Her cheekes be decte with bloud full fayre, Her collour cleare as is the ayre: (15) Her haire, her hand, her foote also, Hath wonne the praise where euer shee go.
Her lookes doo seeme to speake alone, When that her lips remooue no whitHer inwarde vertues may be knowen: (20) By vsinge of her sober wit. Her iestures also cumly are, My tongue lackes skill them to declare: The rest of her that are vnnamed, In perfect shapes are lyuely framed.