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Hath Cupid then sutch power on mortall wightes? And strikes the blinded boy his dart so sure? That no man can auoyd his subtill slightes, (25) Nor ought agaynst his fury may indure? Hath Venus force men thus for to allure? And why then? doth shee not her sonne commaund To shoote alike and strike with equall hand?
Is this the guise of powers that raigne aboue, (30) Us seely+ soules in snares thus for to trap And care they not to yeeld vs death for loue? Ioy they in woes our corses for to trap? And passe they not what vnto vs doth hap? Can Gods aboue to man beare any hate, (35) Or doo they mocke and iest at our estate?
Ah foolish foole? what fancy rules thy head. Or what doth cause thee now this talke to moue? What fury fell doth thee poore wretch now lead? To rayle on all the Gods doth it behooue? (40) Sith it is only Cupid God of loue. That guiltlesse shee with stroke of goulden shafte, +Hath wounded thus and thee of ioyes berafte.
Euen as the slender Barke that long is tost By surging waues cast vp from deepest seas: (45) And Saylars still in daunger to be lost, Doo hale and pull in hope to take their ease: When stormy fluds begin once to appease. Euen so fare I beeing in Cupids power In hope at last to see that happy hower.
(50) Wherin I shall my wished ioyes obtayne, And placed bee within her gentill hart, Then shall I take my sorrowes all for gayne. When I haue her that causeth now my smart,