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And I in cares doo flame, to thinke of my exile, That I am barred from thy sight: I curse and ban the while. Would God I had the craft a Laborinth to frame, (110) And also had a Mynotaure : inclosed in the same: And that our enemies all, might therin take some paine, Till Dedales line I did them bringe, to helpe them out againe. Then should my sorowes seace, and drowne my deepe dispaire, Then should my life be blest with Ioyes: and raisde aboue the ayre. (115) But as the mazed birde, for feare dare skantly fly, When hee hath scapte the Falcons foote: euen so I know should I Scarse able be to speake, or any word to say, Least Argus wayting ielous eyes, might haply mee bewrayBut oh Elrisa mine, why doo I stir such war (120) Within my selfe to thinke of this: and yet thy loue so far? Why rather should not I: giue vp the life I haue And yeeld my weary wretched corps: vnto the gaping grauIf I hopte not that thou with faith didst binde thy life, This hand of mine with bloody sworde, should stint my cruel strife. +(125) No length of lingring time: no distance can remooue, The fayth that I haue vowed to thee: nor alter once my loue. Beleeue this to bee true, that streames shall soner turne, +Or frosen Ice to fier coales, on blasing flame to burne. Then I will seke to change: or alter once my minde, (130) All plagues I pray may fall on me, if I be found vnkinde. Or if I meane to swarue while I haue liuing breath God graunt my end then may be such as Agamemnons death. I wish thy life no harme: but yet I woulde thou knew The wofull ende that Cressed made, because shee was vntrue. (135) Those angry gods or men, asonder that doo set vs, Shal neuer pearce our mindes in twaine nor eke to loue can let vsAs well they may deuide the fier from the flame, And euery beast that now is wilde, as soone shalbe made tame. Let not this pistle long, my sute with thee deface, (140) Who pleadeth for his life thou knowest: at large must tel his case. And all these wordes I write, to one effect do tende, I am all thine, and not mine owne: and herewithal to ende.