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Eneas traytor false: oh treason that hee did, (30) With bloody woundes and murdering sword, Queene Didos lyfe ||(hath rid If these haue won by death and end of pyning payne, And I aliue with torments great in dying deathes remaine. The sound of instruments: or musickes pleasant noyce, Or riches rule, or proude estate, doth cause mee to reioyce (35) Or Venus damsels deere, do please mee euen as well, As dying bodies ioy to here, for them a passing bell. The greefes that gripe my hart, and dayly do mee slay It lessen would much of the smart, if thou vouchsafe to say: God graunt his weary life: and sorrowes to asswage, (40) God yeeld him health and happy dayes with honor in his age. These wordes would win my life, dispaired now to death, Thou should but saue that is thine own, while I haue liuing breath What heapes of haples hopes, on me shall chance to fall, So thou doo liue in blisfull state: no force for mee at all. (45) Amid my greatest greefe, the greatest care I haue, Is how to wish and will thee good: and most thy honor saue. Bee faythfull found therfore, bee constant true and iust If thou betray thy louing freend, whom hensforth shall I trust? When shal I speake with thee? when shal I thee imbrace? (50) When will the gods appease their wrath? when shal I haue sutch ||(grace? Hath Ioue forgotten dame Lede for loue: and how hee prayed her, Transformed like a swan at length: the seely soule hee trayde her. When faire fresh Danae was closed vp in tower: Did hee not raine himselfe a drop, amidst the golden shower (55) And fell into her lap: from top of chimney hie? The great delight of his long loue: hee did attaine thereby, What cruell gods be these? what trespasse haue I doone? That I am banisht thus from thee, what conquest haue they woon? I know their power deuine: can for a while remooue mee, (60) But whilste I liue, and after death, my soule shall likewise loue thee Not Alcumena shee, for whom the treble night Was shaped first, can well compare with thee for bewty bright Not Troylus sister too, whom cruell Pirrhus slew, +Nor shee, the price of ten yeres wars, whom yet the Grekes do rew +