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I pray thee to regarde: thy health and my request, And that my loue doo neuer fleet out of thy secret brest.


¶ NARSETVS a wofull youth, in his exile writeth
to Rosana his beloued mistresse, to assure her of his
faithfull constancie, requiring the like of her. +

T O stay thy musinge minde: hee did this pistle frame, That holds the deere, & loues thee most: Narsetus is his name Would God thy frend had brought: the health that here he sendes I should haue seene my lacking ioy, and heale that hart that rendes. (5) And redy is eche hower: to sunder still in twaine, Saue now this pistle that I write: doth lessen wel my paine, And helpes mee to vpholde a lingring lothsome life, Awaiting still the blisfull hower, when death shall stinte the strife. +What dooth it mee preuaile: to haue king Cresus wealth, (10) Or who doth ioy in golden Giues, imprisoned with his health, I sweare by Ioue to thee, whose godhead is aye iust, These wordes I write are not vntrue: then do mee not mistrust. Thy selfe shalbe the iudge: and if thou list to vewe, The bared bones, the hollow lookes, the pale and ledy hew, (15) The stealing strides I draw: + the wo and dreadfull feares The boyling brest with bitter brine, the eyes be sprent with teares The skant and hungry meales: the seldome slepe I take, The dainty dames that others ioy, no iest to mee do make These hated hatefull harmes: when I them feele to greeue mee (20) Remembrance of thy beuty bright, doth straight again releeue mee And then I cal to minde, thy shape and cumly grace, Thy heauenly hew thy sugred words, thy sweet entising face The pleasant passed sportes: that spent the day to ende, The lothsom lookes that liked not to leue so soone thy freend. (25) Sith froward fortune hath, my Mystresse thus bereft mee, Perforce I yeeld and am content, to like the lot is left mee. If Pyramus were sad, when hee found Thisby slayne, If Cresseds craft and falsing fayth: did Troylus turne to payne,