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[sig. Biiiiv]

I doo commend to thee: my life and all I haue, Commaund them both as thee best likes: to lose or els to saue. I am no more mine owne, but thine to vse at will The same is thine without desert, if thou mee seke to kill. (105) Bee glad thou litle quere, + my mystresse shall thee see Fall flat to ground before her face: and at her feet doo lie: Waste not to rise againe, nor doo her not withstand If of her bounty shee vouchsafe, to rayse thee with her hand. Say thy maister sent thee, and humbly for mee greete her, (110) Thou knowest my selfe doth wish full ofte: to be in place to meete ||(her. If any worde in this, hath scapte and doo her greeue, A pardon craue vpon thy knee, and pray her to forgeue A giltles hand it wrote, thou mayst be bolde to tell: No minde of malice did mee moue, her self doth know it well. (115) Thou canst and I deserue: make glad my wofull sprite, I craue no answer to thy payne: nor force thee for to write. It should suffise if thou: voutchsafe to reade the same, This pistle then if thou mislyke, condemne it to the flame. But now there needes no more, I will this pistle ende, (120) Esteeme Narsetus alwayes well: that is thy faythfull freend,


The Louer forsaken, writeth to his Lady
a desperate Farwell. +

E Uen hee that whilome was: thy faithful freend most iust, That thrise three yeeres hath spent & past, reposing all his |(trust In thy bewayling words, that seemed sugar sweet The selfsame man vnwillingly: doth with these lines thee |(greet. (5) I can not speake with thee: and speaking is but paine, To speake and pray and not to speede: + too fruitles were the gayne. Inforste therfore I write, and now vnfolde my minde, I loue, and like as earst I did, I am not yet declinde. Though time that trieth all, + hath turnde the loue you ought(10) No changing time could alter mee: or wrest awry my thought.