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(65) Nor shee Penelope, whose chastnes wan her fame, Can match with thee Rosina chaste: I see her blush for shame. The childe of mighty Ioue , that bred within his braine +Shall yeeld the palme of filed speche, to thee that doth her staine. And euery wight on earth: that liuing breath do draw, (70) Lo here your queene sent from aboue, to kepe you all in awe But nowe I fine my talke, I finde my wits to dull, There liueth none that can set forth thy vertues at the ful. Yet this I dare well say, and dare it to auowe, The Gods do feare Rosinas shape: and bewty doth alowe. (75) In Tantalus toyle I liue: and want that most I would, With wishing vowes I speake, I pray: yet lacke the thing I should I see that I do want: I reach, it runnes mee fro: I haue and lacke, that I loue most, and lothest to forgo. But oh Rosanna dere: since time of my exile (80) How hast thou done? and doost thou liue: how hast thou spent the ||(while How standeth health with thee? and art thou glad of chere? God graunt those happy restful dayes, increase may still each yere. If any greefe or care, do vex thy wofull hart, Then God I pray to giue thee ease, and swagement of thy smart. (85) Yet this I doo desire, that thou be found to abide A freend: euen such as shal mislike, with sodaine change to slide. +If pleasure now thou hast, to spend the dreiry day, Read then this pistle of my hande, to driue the time away. If all thy freendes aliue: would from thy frendship swarue, (90) A thousand deathes I do desire, in wretched state to starue. If I amongst the rest, should alter so my minde, Or thou shouldest charge I promise brake, or els am found vnkinde Though Argus ielus eyes: that daily on vs tend, Forbid vs meat and speech also, or message for to send. (95) A time will come to passe, and thinke it not to long That thou and I shall ioyne in ioy, and wreake vs of our wrong. Which time I would abide: though time too long doth try mee In hope againe when time shal serue, thou wilt not then deny mee Thus hope doth mee vpholde: for hope of after blisse, (100) And lose therby my present
ioy, in hoping still for this.