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The drowsie Drones doo neuer take such toyle, But lye at lurch, like men of Momus minde: Who rudely read and rashly put to foyle, (10) What worthy workes, so euer they doo finde: Which workes would please the learned sorte full well, But Sicophantes will neuer cease to swell. Though (learnedly) themselues be voyde to write, And haue not knowen the height of Hellicon : (15) Yet, carpingly, they needes must spit their spite, Or els their former force, (they iudge) is gon: Who only liue, the seelly Bees t’annoy, And eate the meate, wheron the Bees should ioy. (Depart from hence) that cursed kinde of crew, (20) And let this Booke, embrace his earned meede: Which was set forth (for others) not for you, What likes them best, that only for to reade: And let the rest, without rebuke to passe, And helpe t’amend the thing that blamelesse was. (25) (APPELLES) might suffise, to warne you wel, +(who) while hee was a paynting in his Shop: Came in (a Sowter) who began to swell, And viewd his Image all from toe to top: And scofte at this, and did mislike at that, (30) Of many a fault the Champion gan to chat. At length ( Appelles ) angry with his man, Dislyked much and gaue him answere so: (Talke thou of that, wherin some skill thou can) Vnto the slipper (Sowter) only go: (35) The saucye (Sowter) was abasshed much, And afterward, his talke was nothing such. So? ( Momus thou) no further then thy marke, And talke no more, then skill doth giue thee leaue: But in thy hart, there is a burning sparke, (40) And (whiles thou liues) that sickenesse will thee greaue: But doo thy worst, and doo no more but right, The learned route, wil laughe at thy despight.