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(25) Loe? thus much did poore Paris bide, Who is accounted most vntrue: All men bee false it hath bin sayd, They thinke not what they speake (say you) Yes Paris spoke, and sped with speede, (30) As all the heauenly Gods decreed: And proou’d himselfe a Louer iust, Till stately Troy was turnd to dust: I doo not reade of any man, That so much was vnfaythfull found: (35) You did vs wrong, t’accuse vs than, And say our freendship is not sound: If any fault bee found at all, To womens lot it needes must fall: If (Hellen) had not bin so light, (40) Sir Paris had not died in fight. The falsest men I can excuse, That euer you in stories reade: Therfore all men for to accuse, Mee thinkes it was not well decreede: (45) It is a signe you haue not tride, What stedfastnesse in men doth bide: But when your time shal try them true, This iudgment then, you must renue. I know not euery mans deuise, (50) But commonly they stedfast are: Though you doo make them of no price, They breake their vowes but very rare: They will performe theyr promis well, And specially where loue doth dwell: (55) Where freendship doth not iustly frame, Then men (forsooth) must beare the blame.